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  • I have written some simple code to control a few stepper and DC motors. Suddenly today the proven code stopped working with the Traceback.....KeyboardInterrupt: error. This code ran this morning and won't now. I even took the PICO W off the breadboard and tried to run the day one training code.

    from machine import Pin
    from time import sleep
    while True:

    I'm still getting the unidentified error, and no, I am not pressing CTRL-C.

    Any ideas on what obvious thing I'm doing wrong?

  • @robert-hh maybe wrong forum. I couldn't figure out the Github system and found this forum instead. Thanks for the tip on the USB cable. Hope it's that simple. .

  • @Kurt-switzer Are you sure that you post in the right forum? This is the Pycom forum. If you have a Pico W, you should go to
    Besides that, Keyboard Interrupt is caused by the PC host, sending Ctrl-C. Do you have a Modem Manager running on the PC. At Linux it is enabled by default. So you have to disable it. Other causes may be bad USB cables.

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