pygos and pylife.

  • I know it is an old story, and I am glad you guys found someone to have the company up and running again.
    That said I contributed €320 to the pygo / pylife project on kickstarted and hoped that if someone (as I did) put some money the company they would find a way to get to honor the company due contracts. So I understand that the pygo and pylife might never see the day of light and I'd be happy to be compensated for my "investment" in some other way. What do you suggest? I see you have a shop with lora products, can we have the money changed to some credit toward some other product if you don't want to deliver on the pygo pylife?

    Thank you in advance,

    Shady Gawad

  • @theshade Pycom INC is closed. And whoever purchased the assets did not buy the debts or responsibilities.
    Personally I'm upset that not even the technical documentation of their boards was published as a small feedback for the community.

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