Pygo2 LTE modem disconnected

  • Hi,

    After having not looked at my 2 pygo's I have decided to cut them open and see whether they could be of any value to me. As the craddle in September 2022 was stuck in customs and neve made it to me I never tried to get a REPL on the thing. But after opening them and connecting a USB serial device I could do some experimenting.

    The big dsiappointment:
    from network import LTE
    lte = LTE()

    leads yo an error message saying the the modem is disconnected. But I could see it sitting right there.

    Did anyone have ever tried to use LTE on the Pygo2?
    The modem could just be broken, but it might also be that the firmware is not good for the modem and that some power saving option was still active before enabling the modem.

    If there would be some interest in the internals of the Pygo or my experiences with reflashing the device I could but some info on my blog or in github. Just let me know.

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