New firmware release 1.6.6.b1

  • Hello,

    We have a new firmware today, version 1.6.6.b1. Here's the change log:

    • Add option to set the frequency for the SiPy in FSK mode.
    • Add functionality to support LoRaWAN Nano-Gateway Downlinks.
    • Fix threading issues with globals and locals not referenced.
    • Document deepsleep and clarify uart.newline() method.

    The main feature is an important fix for multi-threading where globals would magically disappear making the interpreter raise an exception. We also added some internal features to support the LoRaWAN nano-gateway which is almost ready to be released but we are working out a few details related to the frequency of the second receive windows.

    If you haven't got it yet, the updater tool can be found here:


  • @daniel Any chance you will be able to update the source tree soon?

  • Sounds great. Happy you got a flow in FW-releases.
    Any news about when you'll release plug-in?

  • Works great on my LoPy units.
    Stable enough to continue development again.
    Thanks @daniel

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