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    I wonder if it is possible to connect the LoPy (or WiPy) in an enterprise environment to the corporate wifi.
    For that I need AAA, ie Authentication based on username.
    When I look at wlan spec nothing is there for passing username.

    wlan.init(mode, *, ssid=None, auth=None, channel=1, antenna=WLAN.INT_ANT, power_save=False)

    auth is a tuple with (sec, key). Security can be None, WLAN.WEP, WLAN.WPA or WLAN.WPA2. The key is a string with the network password. If sec is WLAN.WEP the key must be a string representing hexadecimal values (e.g. ‘ABC1DE45BF’). Only needed when mode is WLAN.AP.

    How can this be achieved?

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