OS Error 113 when trying to get outside of LAN

  • Hi,

    I hope someone can help here with a possible reason for the LoPy (in WiFi STA mode) not being able to access the Internet.

    If I run this very simple bit of code from the Python IDLE it works no problem, but, the same code on all of our 5 LoPy's generates an error OSErr 113 on the 'connect'.

    import socket

    s = socket.socket()
    a = ('',80)

    We have set the DNS Server address which is now retained using the wlan.ifconfig() properly under 0.9.1.b1 firmware (although using getaddrinfo on micropython.org came back with an address of '').

    As mentioned, if we try the code on a PC on the same LAN there is no problem at all with connections.

  • That works fine with DSN address set to '' thank you @daniel

  • What happens if you don't set the dns address?

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