Hackster.io Project Challenge!

  • The Challenge

    If you've been working on your own projects, Pycom has an exciting challenge for you! Throughout March, we're challenging you to publish a Pycom project on hackster.io and help us create some fun guides for the community to get started with.


    We'll be giving away t-shirts & stickers to the first 20 projects posted to our Hackster Community page (https://www.hackster.io/pycom) using the tags MicroPython and LPWAN.

    We're also giving away a Grand Prize to the author of the best project, who will receive a LoPy Super Twin pack (https://www.pycom.io/product/lopy-super-twin-pack/) along with being registered for our Beta Programme, gaining access to our latest hardware and software solutions before they publicly release! (Beta Programme is subject to location/network availability)


    We'll be judging the best project submission on the following categories:

    • Most complete project (code examples, hardware schematic, etc.)
    • Most innovative & interesting idea
    • Best use case of LPWAN (Sigfox/LoRa)


    • Must be a member of the Pycom Hackster Community (Open to everyone!)
    • Must use a Pycom Device (WiPy, SiPy or LoPy) in your project
    • Should use the following tags; MicroPython and LPWAN

    Note - Multiple entries will be considered but each person may only win once!

    We will announce the winner at the beginning of next month.

    Good luck and have fun! Be sure to tweet and share your projects! :)

  • Any chance Pytrack will be released in time for this challenge?

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