Mesh Network on WiPy 2.0

  • Hi to everyone,

    It is possible create a mesh network between wipy module? I want create a scenario where a single wipy is connected to home router (root module) and the others wipy communicate with each other and with the root without using the home router.

  • We did implemented solution for mesh, routing from/to all Wifi ,LoRa, BLE,SiPy and Wifi. The issue is that Pycom products are limited in memory, so until python frozen bytecode will be available ... you can not do it. Pycom products are suitable to be used with 1,2 sensor type and focus on one type of communication.

  • Hi @Innocenzo ,
    I have been using this Wifi Mesh for NodeMcu long back which work's really great

    if you are able to work this out in Micropython would certainly help you.

    Thanks & regards,
    MK HB

  • @jmarcelino
    Interesting built in mode. Increase speed of developement.

    I spend long time on this topic to support near to unlimited level of nodes and many master nodes.
    But i suppose time was not wasted i accuire some knowledge and i have full control about "protocol".
    Also implemented automatic remove master and add new one and subnode hoop.

    I am interested how configurable it will be :)
    i see doc about api :)

  • Espressif is planning to bring their (truly mesh) ESP-Mesh to the ESP32 (it's only on the ESP8266 at the moment) so it might appear on the ╬╝Python side at some point

  • @Innocenzo
    Yes it is possible,
    and i use this scenario one "master" wipy with ex. antenna and "slave" wipy's with smd antena only.
    Slaves send data to master and master resend (in my scenario) delayed/collected bigger packet to server

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