• Hello everyone. Please I need help, I have a code in arduino where I read an analog value and with respect to that value I execute a series of cases. I need to pass that code to urgent pymakr, but could you help me?0_1488936277596_arduino.png

  • Take a look to an arduino like wrapper for pycom at https://github.com/dinosd/pyCom/blob/master/examples/arduino_sample.py

    import arduino
    estado = 0
    estado2 = 0
    cont = 0
    A = 10
    B = 11
    C = 12
    D = 13
    E = 14
    def setup():
        arduino.pinMode(15, "ANALOG_INPUT")  #PIN P15,  there is no mode analog input in arduino but pycom needs it
        arduino.pinMode(8, "INPUT")          # modes are "INPUT","OUTPUT","INPUT_PULLUP","INPUT_PULLDOWN","ANALOG_INPUT"
        arduino.pinMode(7, "INPUT")     
        arduino.pinMode(A, "OUTPUT")     
        arduino.pinMode(B, "OUTPUT")     
        arduino.pinMode(C, "OUTPUT")     
        arduino.pinMode(D, "OUTPUT")     
        arduino.pinMode(E, "OUTPUT")     
    def loop():
        global estado, estado2, cont
        value = arduino.analogRead(13)
        millivolts = 1100 * value / 1.1      #max volts for analog in is 1.1V
        db = millivolts / 10
        print(db, "DB")
        estado2 = arduino.digitalRead(8)
        if estado2:   #this means high  or you can write if estado2==1
            estado = arduino.digitalRead(7)
            if estado:
            cont += 1
        if cont==1:
            arduino.digitalWrite(A, 1)
            arduino.digitalWrite(B, 1)
            arduino.digitalWrite(C, 1)
            arduino.digitalWrite(D, 1)
            arduino.digitalWrite(E, 1)
    while True:

  • @livius
    Thank you so much friend, I'm going to work on it

  • There is no tool for this. You have to learn python. This does not need skills to port.

  • @julian-cifuentes
    It is really simple code - but you must convert it to micropython
    I do not like to show exact translation - better is doing it self :)

    arduino analogread equivalent is described here https://docs.pycom.io/pycom_esp32/library/machine.ADC.html#machine.ADC


    in python you do not declare vars as typed
    instead of float db = you simple write db =
    instead Serial.print you simply write print
    or uart.write if you have it created in boot.py

    line break is "


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