Is there DevKit (BSP) for #FiPy to develop in C or Cpp ?

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    I have an existing codebase for IoT app that works fine (written in C). It would be easier for me (and could be more power efficient) if I migrate to new platform than if I rewrite my app in uPython.
    Is there such possibility ? For example BSP for some RTOS, some howto for compiler chain, flashing tutorial ?
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  • @jmarcelino Thank you for your fast and precise answer! Looking forward to get one of your boards to play with - C or not C :).

  • @igorkooo

    Since the Pycom boards are ESP32 based you can use the Espressif IoT Developement Framework (esp-idf) directly - this includes FreeRTOS framework, compiler chain and all the tools you need.

    See for documentation

    However outside of μPython there's no existing code or stack to support the various communication modules (LoRa chip, Sigfox, LTE..). The ESP-IDF only comes with support for the core chip with WiFi and Bluetooth.

    For the communication modules you'd have to port the code from the open source pycom-micropython repo (with limitations, for example the Sigfox stack is not available due to NDA restrictions - also pay attention to the GPL3 license) or port it from the original source repos (Stackforce for LoRa etc)

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