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  • I have been requested to upgrade our current Wireless Foot Switch Spectre system to a lower Bluetooth type.
    Currently we have a few configurations for OEM that we sell. One having a wirelss BT handset, Footset and a receiver.
    These units control functions as Mode, Save, X-Ray (with a security signal), and High Level Flouro (with a security signal)
    The security signal is just another closed relay.. X-ray relay and Security relay as an example.

    We also have another system that does a 2 step process. On the same foot pedal, 1st press is Arm, 2nd is X-ray. A quick hit is disable.

    So, I’m thinking that your units with enough I/O pins for inputs and outputs, I can do a low power Bluetooth with 1.8 -3.3 volts using Alkaline batteries than can last for months.
    The receiver gets its power from the system, ! 5vdc to 24vdc. That I can work out..

    I’m able to use Arduino for programming currently which I have develop a few items that we now sale.

    We are talking anywhere from 600+ in sales (3x 100 per system)
    Also this should open up our other vendors to be added later if this is a success.

    The receiver should be a Central unit I think (I would need to connect the footswitch and handset to it at the same time)
    However, if that cannot work, then 2 BT devices in the receiver , 1 each for external devices. (current configuration we have now)

    Our current product with the Li-Ion batteries last ~40 hours or less.
    Also, we like to use off the shelf which remove shipping of Li-Ion batteries.

    So if you think you can help, please let me know. I would need to but units, and ways to hook up to mimic the current product.

    Thank You

  • @jmarcelino
    Hi Sir,
    I have not forgotten you and others. If you recall, I had Pucks, and WiPy modules with RFduino's.
    I did get into Simblee's of which uses Arduino to program.
    Very low power, small, lots of IO's etc. Have success with the parts and made lots of prototypes.
    They are MSL 6's, so they need to be baked if not properly shipped.
    The issue now is the Simblee had received RED qualifications and all vendors ran out of parts.
    So I'm stuck. Ugh. I looked back into WiPy, but it still Py programming.
    I just wanted to say hi and thank you for pointing me to look at other items.


  • @Oldman3D
    Great! Please keep up posted with your experiences.

  • @Oldman3D
    Still no WiPy's.. I need to move on from this item.
    I will look at them if and when they arrive.

    No sooner than I post this, I get my 3 devices... Ughhhh

  • @jmarcelino
    I have 3 puck.js's, lots of RFduino's, and WiPy's on the way.. Doing mix and match..

  • @livius
    Yup, I see that this is an issue. It takes a long time to get stuff like this pass FDA/UL.
    Normally it takes 1.5 years from start to finish. So if security shows up un a month or 2, thats ok.
    So there is no AES security type yet..
    I know arduino, you can not read your code back.. Maybe a good hacker.
    The distance should be less than 30 ft.

  • @Oldman3D
    another concern is source code security. I suppose you do not need that someone can copy your code. Encryption of code is also not available yet. But i believe it will be available soon.

  • @jmarcelino

    Great, Looks like I be filling out a req form Monday for lots of stuff..

    Have a great weekend, I will keep in touch here over the weekend.


  • @Oldman3D
    Another one you might like is the RFduino board and add-on modules:

    RFduinos also have 6 GPIOs, are very low power and best of all you use standard Arduino code and the IDE to program them. I did some beta testing for them on their Kickstarter and done all sorts from buttons to driving displays - they're very functional devices

    But yes they are Peripherals only so for the Central to connect them you could use the WiPy.

  • @jmarcelino

    ok, I have looked at the Puck.JS, it has 6 IO's and I think I can use the WiPy maybe.. The recvr can be any power.

    Now I need to get some..

  • Hi jmarcelino,
    Yes we currently use RN42's in each device and 2 in the receiver. We pair everything here before we ship so that might be what we need to do again to keep it secure and not have it done in the field.

    Yes, I like to deep sleep and wakeup on pedal action. Our current units do not sleep, but because of that, the response is 50ms. However, other footswitch systems sit around 150ms. If we stay under, I'm sure be be ok..

    And maybe that Puck.JS could be of use for larger project. I will check that out.

  • Hi Wayne,

    Sounds like a good project and you definitely have the right idea with the Central receiver.

    Just two thoughts :

    1 - For handset/footset I guess you'd need to wake up the device from deep sleep when a switch was a pressed, however this functionality is not yet available on the WiPy - for now it can only wake up on a timer.
    As it stands the batteries would run flat in a few of hours, however these deep sleep modes have been promised for an update soon.

    2 - Maybe just me but with this X-ray stuff you must be concerned about security? Sadly Bluetooth security (by way of bonding and encryption) isn't yet available either but you could do your own security in your Python code.

    Of course since this is all Bluetooth you can also mix and match devices to overcome any limitations. For example I'm using the Puck.JS - a low power, small, Bluetooth button - to trigger sending messages on the SiPy. It runs off a single CR2032 coin cell battery.

    -- Jose

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