Wipy setup via iphone pymate app not connecting

  • Hi I have a Wipy 2.0 but no expansion board (powering off the 5v output of a raspberry pi) so have attempted the setup via the iphone app with the intention of connecting wirelessly. I appear to have successfully completed the process and reached the step of restarting the wipy. However a network scan using FIng shows that the wipy is not on my network, and when I attempt to connect via the pymate app the device manager shows the wipy in blue with the 'connecting' message for a couple of seconds, then goes to 'not connected'.. My router is an airport time capsule and on my initial setup this was broadcasting on 2.4 and 5 GHz, so I repeated the process with just 2.4 GHz but still get the same result. Any help appreciated

  • Look facing issue in pymate App connection in iPhone before solving it Fix iTunes Error 9 occurred, still, visit here https://itunessupport.org/blog/fix-itunes-error-9/ need to fix Error 9. how can I fix it?

  • To my pleasant surprise pymaker runs on my Pi which has ubuntu mate as the OS :).

  • UPDATE: connecting via mac wireless worked following https://docs.pycom.io/pycom_esp32/pycom_esp32/getstarted.html#connecting-using-pymakr
    However is it possible to connect wirelessly with the wipy and access my regular internet connection at the same time? If not I guess I will use the internet on my raspberry pi and pymate on my mac..

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