Allways connection lost - pymakr

  • WIN 10.
    2 x Lopy with 2 x Extension Board
    Newest Firmware Update Lopy and Pymakr with the 'uart-code'
    There are so many messages on the forum-board with connection Problems.
    Lopy <-> Pymakr
    What ist the reason, what can we do ?
    Thank you
    ![alt text](0_1489491822006_upload-1f687df6-b0b9-41d0-9643-5c9a8688e17d image url)

  • I never used tools other than ftp and telnet for WiPy and Lopy. Pymakr was unreliable from the first version on and never improved.
    When you use FileZilla of FireFtp as ftp client, you can set it up that a double click on the will will open it for editing in our favorite editor and saving stores it back to your device. You can also configure at least FireFTP for auto-conect.
    Obviously that causes some flash wearing, in contrast to PyMakr's method to keep files on your PC and load them on-the-fly. If you prefer that method, you can also try Dave Hyland's rshell (

  • @wolf
    Hi Wolf.
    Like Maku, I use filezilla for filetransfers (connect to over wif).
    I use teraterm for the command window and watching messages

  • AFAIK - to uninstall Pymakr and transfer files via FTP. It works for me, but it is slow and frustrating.

  • @gerkez
    Thanks for the hint.
    But the board accept also no filetransfer with teraterm.
    Its a little bit frustrated.
    In some few moments I have a contact,
    but most cases no access.
    To save time, I wait of the next firmware ?
    What did the Pycom Team Recommend ?

  • Hellom Wolf,

    I had the same problem on Windows 10 and pymaker.
    Now i use teraterm pro over the usb cable.
    After starting teraterm, chose "serial" and then the right com port (usb).
    The window opens, Then go to "setup", "serial port" and set the boud rate to 115200 (if that is the UART setting in your

    It works great.

  • uninstall Pymakr.
    It seems to corrupt your files.

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