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  • Hi, I'm looking for some help. I have downloaded the firmware upload tool, but cannot find any instructions on how to use it. From what I can see, the installer has given me a python distribution and some scripts. I get python exceptions when I try and run those scripts (for instance

    The readme mentions that there are some dependencies, but it's not clear to me whether the installer has given me everything I need or not. PIP doesn't find py_qscintilla.

    This all feels like a bit of an unfinished mess to me. Is it possible to update the firmware just using, without using the pycom value-add?

  • @bucknall Thanks for getting back to me.

    I downloaded an exe file. It installed a large number of files, but didn't provide any messaging on what I needed to do next. There wasn't an executable in what was installed apart from the python.exe.

    I was hoping for a batch file that wrapped up a command line, or even an exe that launched the tool.

    Having worked out how to launch it, I must say I am impressed with the upgrade tool. It worked very smoothly and it is better than other ESP flashers I have encountered.

  • @martinsmac I think you may have downloaded the linux installer by accident - the windows installer should give you a .exe file and the setup should be automatic. You can reach it with the links I posted below and it should be displayed as the image below! Hope this helps!

    0_1489685719563_Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 17.34.01.png

  • Worked it out. I was picking up my existing python installation, which did not contain the necessary dependencies. Can I encourage you to add some detail to your site and the readme..?

    How about:
    The installation package contains everything you need to update the firmware on your Pycom board. On Windows, simply do the following
    cd c:\Program Files (x86)\Pycom\Pycom Firmware Update\Upgrader

    This will open the firmware update tool in a new window containing instructions.

  • Hi @martinsmac,

    Are you downloading the Firmware Update Tool from here?


    Direct Link:

    When you select windows you should download a .exe which you can just run? Do you not get this?

    Really sorry that you've had this experience! We're trying to improve/streamline this so I'm keen to get your feedback on where it's been difficult and resolve the problems you're running into.



  • I should add, I am using Windows 7.
    (but I can't because I'm a new user and have to wait 600 seconds.... Sigh)

    Getting up and running with the Pycom board has NOT been a positive experience.

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