Sipy -> Sigfox -> AWS

  • Anyone had luck with getting messages to AWS via callback?

    My response on the callback in Sigfox backend is:

    [OK] - Base station 29D0 - 1 second
    200 - OK

    However I haven't been able to see the messages in AWS.

    If you follow the link in the POST method you get a "Missing Autehtication" which is sort of odd. Why is the link not of the form [id].iot.[server].....?

  • @matt3526 DID anyone figure this out?

  • Hi all,

    I know this topic is very old but I'm having a problem similar and was hoping someone could help. I followed the same tutorial and I can see from the AWS IOT monitor that I have connections but there is nothing in my DynamoDB database. Can anyone help? Are there any tests that I should do?


  • Thanks for the replies. I got it all working now. It makes, typically, a minor setup error in AWS.
    If anyone with the same problem will ever be reading this thread I STRINGLY reckommend you rely on the Test function in MQTT client in AWS. It is found under AWS IoT and is pretty straigth forward.

    I did however not get the custom callback working.

  • @maku I'm part of a project where we have used the same tutorial, and it worked perfectly! As your backend message says you are doing to callback right so you need to find the error log in AWS console to see what the problem is.
    And if I were you I would check the setup of AWS IoT and DynamoDB configurations.

  • Please post some screenshots of you AWS setup and i will compare them with mine which is up and working without problem.

  • i have setup and it works really good... i did do something about the security policies...

    are you logging the info into a dynamoDB? or what are you doing with the AWS callback?

  • BTW:
    I followed: as tutorial. Any of you know if it is flawed?

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