Low power specs

  • Is it now known exactly what kind of power consumption the lopy uses when the bluetooth and wifi are turned off and the lopy is set into what ever mode is necessary in order to be woken up again upon a GPIO change ?

    Is the code to support this setup now working and known and if so can this not be set into one of the tutorials?


  • Ah ok!! That's not how I viewed it at first. That's much more interesting. 184ua would be quite a lot, then I'd compare it with a teensy lc and rfm95 combo for example. But at 25ua everything is viable for battery powered sensors again.

    Thanks very much for your valuable insight.


  • @hcfman
    you should read table from top to bottom
    and if you are in certain line then power consumption is on the right and all below functionality is enabled
    then if you need only ULP sensor-monitored pattern then power will be 25 µA

    but abaut power consumption we should wait for final implementation and measure it self to be sure

  • Thanks, great information!

    So if I interpret that document correctly in order to be woken up via a GPIO change of state I would need to be in mode "Deep sleep" (As hibernate would have to wake up regularly by the clock) and then the power consumption would be the sum of:


    thus the lopy in deepsleep waiting for a GPIO change would draw about 184ua current. Is this approxmately correct?


  • @hcfman
    page 22 is esential for you

    page 290 - show power consumption with enabled modes
    interesting is also page 21 - what is enabled in which mode

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