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  • Nouvel utilisateur sigfox,j'ai tout d'abord fait mon activation et envoyé un premier message dierectement depuis me carte Pycom Sipy en Python avec Pymakr.
    Le message est bien reçu dans le backend sigfox.
    Pour aller plus loin j'ai connecté mon modem Sipy sur une carte Arduino UNO RX->TX,TX->RX et alimentation 5V.
    J'ai trouvé et chargé le programme suivant sous arduino :
    #include <SoftwareSerial.h> // To communicate with the embedded TD1208 Sigfox module.

    // Pin 0 is RX

    // PIN 1 is TX

    const int SigFox_TD1208_RX = 0;

    const int SigFox_TD1208_TX = 1;

    SoftwareSerial sigfox( SigFox_TD1208_RX , SigFox_TD1208_TX );

    void setup() { Serial.begin(9600);

    Serial.println("Starting Sigfox Serial");

    sigfox.begin(9600); delay(5000); // (*1) Serial.println("Sending to sigfox");

    // The frames are a maximum of 12 hexadecimal bytes.

    sigfox.write("AT$SF=656667,2,1\n"); // (*2)

    Serial.println("Data sent...");


    void loop() {

    // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: while(sigfox.available() ) { Serial.write( );


    Le programme semble se dérouler correctement mais aucun message n'arrive sur le backend sigfox ... :(

    J'ai probablement loupé quelque chose mais quoi ?

    Si quelqu'un pouvait m'aider ce serait super pour que je puisse continuer concrètement.

    dans l'attente, merci d'avance à tous

  • @jcleloup
    Yes, correct.

    The SiPy is not just a modem, it's also microcontroller and many times more powerful than the Arduino

  • Thank you for your prompt response.
    If I understand correctly it is not possible to write a program in the arduino and communicate via the modem Sipy?
    It would be necessary to write a script in Python in the Sipy which will read the inputs / outputs of the arduino.
    Is it this ?

  • @jcleloup Like @jmarcelino said it's really important that you have to use Logic Level Converter for the SiPy <--> Arduino communication.

  • @jcleloup
    I can understand French but think we should post in English here.

    You're trying to use the SiPy as a TD1208 Sigfox modem but that's now how SiPy works.

    If you want to use the SiPy as a modem for your Arduino you have to write a Python script that runs on the SiPy and continuasly reads the data from the serial port (UART1) and forwards that to Sigfox.

    The "et alimentation 5V" is also worrying, the SiPy is a 3.3V device. You cannot connect the SiPy to a 5V Arduino over serial without doing logic level conversion 5V<->3.3V. Hope you haven't damaged those pins already.

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