Updating firmware via serial/USB?

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    is there a way to update the firmware using the serial connection? If I didn't oversaw something, it seems that one can do that only via WLAN...



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    I can confirm now that updating via USB/Serial is definitely possible... if you are adventurous you can try the command I posted here otherwise it might be worth to wait a few more days for pycom to release an official upgrade package.

  • Thanks for the clarification @abilio ! Now that I can access them LoPys, I updated them easily.

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    It's possible to read and write the entire flash of the LoPy with esptool.py via serial. It's just a matter of PyCom releasing a firmware package that uses esptool instead of WiFi.

    It is always possible to go back to the original firmware with factory settings by using safeboot mode so it's always possible to come back from bad wifi settings. You do need to connect a wire between 3.3V and the safeboot pin to go back to factory firmware / configuration but you also need to connect a wire between GND and the bootloader pin if you want to update via serial using esptool.

    P.S. How does one earn "reputation" so you don't have to wait 10 minutes between every post?

  • Thanks for the clarification! IMHO there should be always a wired update method, because sooner or later users will misconfigure WLAN. There's always restore to delivery status but one probably needs to rewire LoPy for that...

  • Hello @Taki,

    At present time, is only possible over WLAN. The possibility of doing it over serial will be included in an upcoming release of Pymakr, yet you'll need to upgrade your device using the tool (WLAN only) before being able to keep updating it with Pymakr.

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