connecting to unsecured WiFi

  • The docs list "None" as an acceptable value for the security field in the auth tuple when calling WLAN.connect(). This would seem to suggest that it is possible to connect the Wipy to an unsecured WiFi network when in station mode.

    However, I have not been able connect to an unsecured network. I've tried both using an empty string and None as the 2nd field of the auth tuple, neither has worked. I've also tried passing None instead of a tuple.

  • Hi @KMcLoud - I'm just having a look into this for you! I'll get the docs updated to reflect this as you're right, this isn't very clear!

  • @KMcLoud

    I figured it out!

    though the solution is so simple its a bit embarrassing to admit the mistake...

    auth is an optional argument in the WLAN.connect method, and apparently passing it a tuple causes problems when dealing with unsecured networks.

    So, for clarity, the method call to connect to an unsecured WiFi network named 'bob' is simply:


    Given that this is the case, does anyone know why the doc's list None as an acceptable value for security in the auth tuple? Is there some other situation where you would use that?

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