• Hi- I need to build a WSN using LORAWAN. In my network, each sensor (I need around 10,000 sensors) sends a packet of data (512 Byte) every 10 seconds. I was wondering how many gateways (in how many channels) I need to buy and what model is suitable? Thanks.

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    Cat M1 has a much higher bandwidth and no duty cycle restrictions as it operates in a private band so I think it should work, but of course you'll pay a subscription to your carrier. Also the peak current consumption should be higher than LoRa so that's something to keep in mind if powering from batteries.

    If you really have an application using 10,000 nodes and consuming 40GB a day I can imagine Verizon would want to talk to you but really I can't say anything about that. Here in the UK it would definitely open some doors.

    You will need to work with your carrier to supply a base station because, unlike LoRa, they own the frequency spectrum.

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    Thank a lot for clarification- Do you have any idea about CAT M1 (FiPy module). Does it handle that packet size? Another issue is that there is not verizon support for CAT M1 for our area yet. Is it possible to install a kind of gateway/base-station ourselves locally? What kind of Equipment form which company (Ericson, Nokia, etc) is required? What about the maximum distance between sensors and gateways? Thanks and regards

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  • That's not an application that is compatible with LoRa no matter how many gateways you have.

    LoRaWAN has a maximum payload of 222 bytes (including 13 bytes header) and even for only that on the fastest rate (spreading factor 7) the nodes would have to wait about 35 seconds between those packets to comply with the 1% legal duty cycle regulations.

    512 bytes every 10 seconds is just not possible.

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