Unable to resize bottom panel (Pycom Console, Local Console etc.) in PyMakr 1.0.0.b5-1

  • Normal behaviour:
    After starting PyMakr 1.0.0.b5-1 the bottom panel can be resized by moving the cursor between the main panel and the bottom panel. An updown arrow apears and by pressing the left mouse button the panel height can be adjusted.

    After PyMakr failed to connect to a LoPy (or any other device, which is not connected), the following happens:

    Connecting to a Pycom device...
    Connecting to a Pycom device...
    Invalid device address, please check the settings

    After that it isn't possible to resize the bottom panel any more. If you try to, the tabs just start to flicker up and down, but nothing changes. This is independant from the chosen active tab.

    For reference:
    Kubuntu 16.04.

  • @peter Thanks for your detailed report, we had heard about it before, but there was no description on how to reproduce the issue. We'll add this to our list of bugfixes for the next release.

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