Pycom OEM modules are here... 4 MBytes of RAM and deep sleep test!

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    As I mentioned previously on the Forum, we received the pre-production samples of both WiPy and LoPy OEM modules this week and have been busy testing everything. These modules will be known as the W01 and L01. We have been eagerly awaiting their arrival! The OEM modules all have the newly upgraded external RAM of 4Mbytes (from 512kb). Alone, this is an amazing feature as it will mean we can have 2 Mbytes for MicroPython to run super large Python scripts and handling loads of data. You’ll also be able to create applications with as many threads as you want. 2 Mbytes will be reserved for WiFi/Bluetooth and the TCP stack. Imagine what you can do with so much memory? For instance, you will be able to open an insane number of SSL sockets, or to perform audio processing.

    We have also been testing the sleep modes on the new modules, and I can report these work perfectly. You can click on this link to watch the videos of our tests: The first video shows the deep sleep current using the motherboard reference design, and it measures the total current consumed by the whole PCB, including the power consumption of the 3V3 DC-DC switching regulator. In this case the total current is just 15.4 uA. The second video shows only the current drawn by the OEM module itself, and you will be surprised that it’s even better than the 5uA stated in the specifications!

    The L01 and W01 modules will be supplied FCC, CE, IC and RCM certified. The first batches will be shipped out circa 18th May. Next batches will be late June. No hard sale but just to let you know that May stock is practically sold-out. We are working hard to ensure regular monthly supplies but if you have any big projects do contact us directly.


  • @daniel I think the 2.8uA of video is due to a little part of current drawn from pullup resistor of serial connection instead from the power supply. Without serial connection I think the current rise up 6uA (5uA for ESP32, like in Espressif documentation, and 1uA for LoRa module in sleep mode). what do you think about it?

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    @superfede76 the current specified by Espressif is ~5uA, so I'd say that 6uA is still within spec. It varies from chip to chip and is also affected by temperature. Most of our modules show between 4.5 and 5.5uA.

  • @daniel said in Pycom OEM modules are here... 4 MBytes of RAM and deep sleep test!:

    The second video shows only the current drawn by the OEM module itself, and you will be surprised that it’s even better than the 5uA stated in the specifications!

    In the video we see the current drawn by the OEM module is 2.9 uA, but it is not specified in what conditions. I tried the same test with an OEM module, but the current drawn is 6uA.
    How do I have to test the OEM module to get the same result?

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    @loboris yes. Espressif gave us a special patch (not yet released) for the IDF to enable the external RAM. This patch also comes with several tests that run during start-up and verify that everything on the RAM and the cache is working properly. Espressif's team is still busy fine tuning the SPI RAM drivers (specially with regards to the cache) before they publish it on github.

  • @daniel Have you done any tests using 4MB of external RAM ?

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    @exquisitus our modules are not compatible with the wroom-32, but they are compatible and interchangeable between them. Even though the W01 is smaller that the L01/S01/G01, if you design your board with the footprint to fit the bigger ones, you can always mount the W01 in the first half of the footprint.


  • @exquisitusA
    As the datasheets show the modules aren't compatible with the WROOM-32. Also the W01 is different from the L01/S01.

  • are these modules pin compatible with wroom-32. suppose i have a bunch of adaptor boards for wroom-32 and suppose i buy a bunch of those modukes, have not decided g01, l01 or f01 (?) would they play nice together?

  • Thanks @daniel :-) Look forward to it.

  • @daniel Amazing current consumption. Will be available on LoPy / SiPy existing dev boards or maybe the hardware needs some tweaking or changes?

    PS. First post here, but reading the forum long time ;)

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    @jmarcelino yes, but the external ram as well as the flash is powered off when entering deep sleep. Only the internal RTC memory is preserved.

  • Nice, I am really curious about the deepsleep.

  • Are those measurements taken with the external RAM already enabled?

  • sounds good!

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