@hopkapi If you connect G24 aka P3 -> 7 G11 aka P4 -> 6 GND -> 8 GND Vin -> 2 (5V) and run the LoPy from USB. then the electrical conditions shoul be OK, and the device shoudl be accessible via UART 1. SOmetimes the definition of Tx and Rx are reversed, so you may swap P3 and P4. That should not cause any harm to the devices. The UART setting according to the data sheet is baud rate: 9600, databits: 8, stopbits: 1, parity: no Some test code would be like: from machine import UART uart = UART(1, 9600) # init with given baudrate uart.init(9600, bits=8, parity=None, stop=1) # init with given parameters while True: data = uart.readall() if data is not None: print(data)