Connect to BLE device using random adddress type

  • I'm unable to connect to my BT weighing scale using the examples. I can read it's address from adv = bluetooth.get_adv(), but connecting fails.
    When using the Bluez stack on a Raspberry Pi, I need to connect using the "random" parameter, like "gatttool -b F4:B8:5E:E6:63:96 -I -t random" when using gatttool on the commandline which works.
    I think i need a similar random way of connecting using "bluetooth.connect(adv.mac)" in micropython on the LoPy. Is that supported at all?

  • @jmarcelino thanks for responding!
    I'll keep an eye on the release notes for this...

  • As with pairing it's not possible to connect to random addresses yet, both need the security manager which hasn't been implemented yet

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