Unable to telnet with Virgin LoPys

  • Hello,

    I have 2 virgin LoPys which will obviously need firmware updates, but I seem to be having an even more fundamental problem. With the factory firmware, I should be able to telnet to after connecting to it via wifi. Right? both of mine accept the wifi connection, but neither respond to telnet. I am using OS X 10.11.6. Pymakr also fails to connect.

    Possibly the new firmware is required even to telnet to them via wifi, but I didn't see that reported in the forum.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • @stevie Thanks for that info. I noticed the slowness, but I hadn't figured out the pattern. I definately think it could be the explanation for what I was running into. I just didn;t wait long enough.

  • @LarryTru Not sure if that's still a problem for you. But I had the problem that the connection via telnet to takes a very long time. This is apparently due to some DNS reverse lookup which is Mac specific. This confused me a lot. But then I learned that if I wait long enough then it works. This is also specific only to the mode when the LoPy is the access point.

  • @Ralph Thanks, I heard there was going to be an update to the firmware updater for that problem. I "think" that is the only problem I currently have and that with only one of the units. Thanks for the tips.


  • Hi @LarryTru,

    It should work out of the box, but the REPL script should be in place in the boot.py file for Pymakr to connect to the board. You can find it here. Upload it through FTP first.

    If you have any firmware updating issues left, try the new release of 0.9.2.b1. It has a fix for a bug where the flash memory of some boards would (partly) end up in a read-only state.

  • Well, I'm not aware of doing anything differently tonight, but for some reason I am now able to get basic connectivity for both LoPys and one of them upgraded without a fuss.


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