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  • Since it has been many years since I did anything with hardware, besides plugging in boards, I am very much in the dark.

    I am attempting to create a sort of adapter that I can put between my laptop and a "black box" that is expecting the dongle from a wifi mouse.

    Since I have learned that my laptop only has "host-type" USB connectors, and the black box is expecting a "device-type" connection on its USB port, I am looking to create an adapter that will connect to my laptop as something that it will accept, perhaps a serial port, and take what is coming from that, and pass them on to the black box's input.

    The goal is being able to send commands from the laptop to the black box that will simulate the mouse.

    Any suggestions? Can I make use of my LoPy or Onion devices, or even a Raspberry PI to do this?


  • @bdmc, although what we've built is focused on USB host support, the MAX3421E chip inside is fully capable of acting as a device, too.

    Check out the First look: USB Host Expansion Board by Semireg

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    The LoPy doesn't support USB. You'd need a microcontroller with USB device support such as an STM32F4

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