Flash was erased without the reason

  • What can cause flash to be erased?
    I am working with Wipy2.0 with firmware 1.6.12.b1
    And after normal work i see now that all files from flash was erased.
    It looks like running


    but with one exception
    boot.py looks like:

    # boot.py -- run on boot-up

    without UART dupterm

  • I was seeing this developing a BT app for no apparent reason using 1.6 Updating to 1.7.3 solved it. Haven't seen it since.

  • Now it looks more logically than magically.
    Finding the reason of corrupt action to prevent will be good but it is very rare to find a cause.
    At this point i leave it.
    Thank you both

  • @livius
    The Winbond flash chip is rated at 100,000 erase/program cycles. But as Robert was saying that's not likely the reason why the "file system" gets corrupted.

  • @livius Any state. File corrupt or re-initialized, which may happen, if the initial check at boot time states, that there is an invalid file system. I guess the latter is happening, because with a bad flash memory device otherwise the code itself would be affected too.

  • @robert-hh said in Flash was erased without the reason:

    file system can get corrupt

    By corrupt - do you mean some files corrupted?
    For me flash was ereased totally - with new clear main.py and boot.py only

  • @livius My experience is, that the file system can get corrupt very easily with bugs in my own software. Especially if interrupt service routines are used and you stop that code and then doing file operation, w/o de-registering the ISR first. But that happened only during the test phase. later, the file system was pretty stable.

  • @livius
    Once againg flash was cleared without the reason.
    Anyone have something like this?

    Another question - how many writes are possible to flash? What is the limit?

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