Download firmware and FTP to LoPy?

  • Since yesterday I tried to update the firmware. I noticed that about 3 different download folders on the website of do not work anymore. This is since currently my only option is to FTP the firmware to the /flash folder. New link is welcome!

    Of course I tried the PyCom firmware update tool, unfortunately that tool tells me to use USB and the expansion board, which I don't have. But I do have an FTDI in 3.3 or 5V configuration. Is there a connection schema described somewhere? Can I set the FTDI to 5V and directly connect the RxD and TxD or do they need resistors? Haven't found info on that yet either.

    It is confusing to read the website and experience that it doesn't work like that anymore.

  • Thanks for the advices.
    The FTDI board is set to use 3.3V.
    On my FTDI I soldered an additional pin to the 5V, and connected that to the LoPy 5V,
    Connected the FTDI to LoPy with GND-GND, RX-TX and TX-RX.

    Connected the "G23", this is the 4th pin next to the TX/RX on the LoPy, to GND. This G23 = P2 = GPIO0, see

    Now the download worked fine using the PyCom Firmware Update tool.

  • @Rene

    FTP the firmware to the /flash folder. New link is welcome!

    this option is not suported yet

    Is there a connection schema described somewhere?


    I do this in this way. It is not so common way but:

    1. i connect 5V directly from USB port - because i saw many converters that limit current too much.
    2. I set converter to 3V3 mode - then all signals go in 3V3 levels.
    3. and simply connect rx-tx tx-rx

  • In any case, do not use 5V on the Lopy ports (except Vin).

    Unfortunately I have no experience in this way of flashing firmware.

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