LoRa repeater between node and gateway

  • I want to build a LoRa network in a big area where i won't have ether net / WiFi / 3G in every place where a gateway is needed to cover the whole area. How can i build something like a repeater from the nodes to the gateways?

    Just something that will stay between the node and the gateway, and will take the packets and transmit them again so it can reach the gateway.

  • Hi bmarkus, i've not yet made any hardware solutions for this. Was hoping that someone already made a lora gateway repeater, if possible

  • Are you using single channel or an SX1301 based gateways?

  • Hi DongYin,

    I saw your question browsing the forum. I'm in a similar situation and was curious if you have already tackled the problem/found a solution?

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