Connect ePaper Display to TTN

  • Hi everyone! I am looking to connect an ePaper display to the Things Network using a LoPy. This display will show basic weather information and maybe a few calendar notifications. LoRa is a very attractive option because I don't have to worry about a gateway and it's very low power.

    Obviously, it's not possible to send entire images down because of TTN bandwith limitations. However, it should still be possible to send text(maybe compressed?) and render that on the screen.

    Has anyone attempted to do this before? I can find various ePaper displays on sparkfun and adafruit but haven't found any solid tutorials. Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated!

  • @robert-hh

    Thank you! This is a very helpful first step.

    Are there any guides for how do handle bandwidth limitations on TTN? I'm assuming it's not practical to send a full image for each update, especially with duty cycle restrictions.

    I might have to perform image manipulation directly on the LoPy from received data.

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  • @waskerly Peter Hinch has made nice drivers for e-paper displays for Pyboard It should not be too complicated to port them to LoPy, even if not all modules are needed. In case of questions, ask Peter.


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