LoPy + GPS receiver on The Things Networks

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    If you have a LoPy node that is moving around, knowing where it is, can be very useful. Think containers or cars moving around. GPS receivers can be expensive or very cheap. I used a cheap one from China to connect to the LoPy.
    Like before I shared the code online and created a write-up on my blog.
    I hope it is useful to others also.

    p.s. Alex will be doing a live broadcast about the Pytrack and GPS this week. It's a bit more expensive, but also has a 3 axis 12-bit accelerometer and combines everything in a neat small package.

    (fixed the link to the github repository, thanks Rob!)

  • @jmarcelino
    I think that we can create something more accurate - on that link all is mixed up
    Adding not one topic only new menu group e.g.:

    ->Where to buy:
    --------->simple electronics

    or only limit it to interesting sensors.
    But as always on such topic we can end with spam with adverts
    not real used items by users :(

  • @PiAir
    I use near to always same gps model and it is quite accurate
    but not always. Have someone other gps more accurate in near price

    this is data from 5 hour testing gps on the window. I am in yellow point and not moving.

    This is only area - but 94% points are really near to yellow point

  • @jmarcelino Don't know if there is a need to duplicate that TTN thread. Maybe just link to it? :)
    I also never had any real problems with sellers, sometimes it takes a while, one or two refunds requested (and received) so far after (too) many orders.

  • @livius
    I think you can safely buy from Aliexpress, it's easy to make a claim if something doesn't work and sellers are usually OK with refunding. I never had any problems there and I spend quite a bit!

    Should we start a "Bargains" thread here with "companion" stuff like ADCs, sensors, tools, components like there is in the TTN forums? I personally have a list about 100+ favourite Ali sellers and an even longer one with interesting products :-)

  • @jmarcelino @PiAir
    I am only asking if someone buy something from aliexpress and this work ;-)
    I know that we can buy it even cheaper.
    But i bookmark any link with working models which someone buy from china.

    Sometimes whole module parts toogether have bigger priority then "quality".
    But i always try to minimize risk then.

  • @livius This was the link to the actual reseller that I bought it from. The one that Jose links to is indeed even cheaper, but the text "Attention: the chip is old" kind of puts me off on that one. :) (although they just mean the chip has been used)
    Would I buy them if I was building a sensor network for a big company? Probably not. For small projects like this, for me they are cheap enough to take the chance.

  • @livius
    there are often recycled modules, you can even get a similar board for $3.78 ( inc free shipping, at least to UK) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/GY-NEO6MV2-NEO-6M-GPS-Module-NEO6MV2-with-Flight-Control-EEPROM-MWC-APM2-5-large-antenna/32654502054.html

  • @PiAir
    Thanks for the link on aliexpress for NEO6MV2
    Is this real link to seller or you buy it from different place?
    I buy it normally for 60% higher price in my country.

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