How can I connect two (or more) lopy with different frequency?

  • I'm trying to do a sensor network with three LoPy that communicates through LORA. I want to stablish one of this LoPy as a gateway.
    At the moment, i don't need upload data to the internet.

    It would be possible that the gateway would recibe data from the other nodes whose lora radio has been sintonized at a different frequency at each node
    for avoiding collisions? For example...

    node1 ... lora = LoRa(mode = LoRa.LORA, frequency = 868100000, sf = 7)
    node2 ... lora = LoRa(mode = LoRa.LORA, frequency = 868300000, sf = 7)
    node3 ... lora = LoRa(mode = LoRa.LORA, frequency = 86500000, sf = 7)

    I've read in the docummentation that the LoPy device only can work in a single frequency channel... in that case, how can I transmit data from two nodes
    to the gateway with different frequency or spreading factor? I necessarily need a multichannel gateway (for example ic880a)?

    On the other hand, i don't understand how works the socket.bind() function. After of create sockets, if I try to s1.bind(10) in device node1, s2.bind(20) in device node2 and
    s1.bind(10) and s2.bind(20) in the gateway ... when I send data from s1(node1) to s1(gateway), why s2(gateway) receive too?

    Sorry for my english.

    Thank you people!

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