Beacon scan give strange result with LoPy

  • Hi all ,
    I'm using the Lopy to scan Ibeacons , but i got very strange result:
    (got 5 beacons )
    I use Beacon from Kontackt ( based on nRF51822 )
    when 2 beacons in range of Lopy , Got to scan up to 20secondes for getting the second one appear
    So when scan time is fixed to 2secondes ( short time for battery save ) , lot of miss occur , RSSI value fluctuate from -50 to -90 from two scan ....
    And more than that , after 200-250 scan , Lopy stop reporting BT , must be hard reset to get it back....

    Read somewhere that is a ESP32 problems : BLE does not scan iBeacons
    Some of you have success with beacon scan with Lopy ? ( a brand to sugest ? )

  • @stef I've reported the same problems, but in my case I scan continuously, as the LoPy is USB-powered. I very much hope it's not a hardware problem.

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