ADC1 and ADC2 pins

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    We've hooked up 16 LDR's to the LoPy's ADC GPIO pins. But we've so far only managed to make 8 of them work (P13-P20). These pins are all labeled ADC1_X.

    We can't seem to find any documentation about how to initialize the ADC2_X pins. Can anyone help us out?

  • @MrMarty77
    Only ADC1 is supported at the moment, the core ESP32 SDK doesn't support it yet, it may take a while:

    Fyi, we're a bit hesitant to make ADC2 available because it is also used for pretty important control loops inside the WiFi (and maybe BT, I don't remember) drivers. We want to make sure there's no chance of these and the user ADC calls to interfere with each other.

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