Firmware upgrade 0.9.2.b2

  • We've just published a new firmware update. Version 0.9.2.b2 release fixes:

    • The Read Only flash bugs. It replaces SPIUnlock() from ROM with corrected version that doesn't write incorrect bits to the flash status register.
    • Problems with the Windows updater tool.

    It also includes previous additions:

    • Add the I2C class to the machine module (with support for 1 bus at the moment).
    • Increase the FreeRTOS timer task priority in order to guarantee that the LoRa task will always run.

    It is now available at:


    1. This upgrader tool requires a serial connection. WiFi connection is not possible for this special upgrade.
    2. You can find the documentation for the new I2C class at:

  • An errata for this release has been published. Please check for more information.

  • This has been checked. A new tool is about to be published, expect it in a few minutes.

  • WIndows standalone did not work from GUI but Xykon method using command line work fine. Also used the same method to update my Wipy2's - Pleased that all my LoPy and Wipy2 devices now running latest software. Also pleased that docs are slowly improving. Look forward to being able to use the MicroSD card on the expansion board at some stage although I expect there are more important things to fix/implement first., Hope to test out some I2C over the weekend.

  • Thanks for the update. I'm kind of hoping we won't need to keep overwriting the bootloader in the future.. also, you didn't bump the version number in the Linux update script. It surprised me by placing 0.9.2.b1 in the factory partition.

  • and it does not start also in self mode

  • @abilio Yes, we are using the expansion boards jump G23 (Blue LED at top - 4th pin down on left) to GND (2nd pin down on right)

  • The same failed - but i have Windows 10 and WiPy2.0
    Steeps by Xykon work - but tool not

  • @AgriKinetics Are you using an expansion board?

  • Global Moderator

    Same here... upgrade fails and after a reset there is a flash read err, 1000.

    I admit though that I'm currently using native esp32 code to map the pinout of the LoPy and just re-flashed the stock image I took before experimenting with esptool for the first time.

    I'll give this another try later as I really want to finish the pin mapping first. Not sure when I'll get around to it as I'm playing Golf early tomorrow morning and I have a Halloween party tomorrow night.

  • @abilio Still fails for me on a Windows 7 machine. Doesn't fail immediately as with 0.9.2.b1, but takes about 30 seconds or so. The fix as described by @Xykon - works well though.

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