Casing for the Pytrack and Pysense together with LoPy

  • What is a suitable choice for a casing for a LoPy in combination with Pysense or Pytrack ? Apparently the Pycase Clears aren't a fit and the IP67 waterproof case does not have a hole for Antenna nor a slot for USB or Power. Thus, imho, none of these cases are suitable for field application. Please suggest.

  • @bucknall Thanks for following up on this. For trials, the pytrack would be mounted in a car. The pysense is indoors, wall mounted. I'm in the process of 3D printing a casing myself for this.

    But as a review I can add that an enclosure similar to Pycase Clear, which is able to house the Pysense and Pytrack boards, would be a best suited solution.

    I have seen in TI SensorTags that they have transparent casing pieces on top of the sensor side of the board with slits and grids to let both light and humidity in. Perhaps this is also something to consider in the design.

  • @tanmoy_dutta What kind of environment are you planning to deploy your device? For humidity you can likely get away with just drilling holes but for light that's obviously a little bit more difficult. I'm having a discussion internally about what we can provide for this use case.

    P.S. Apologies for the delay will try to find the IP67 Case with the drilled hole for you now, I've been out of office for the last week.

  • @Pyrog Thanks for the reply but that is not an antenna RF Adapter cable mount hole. What would have been a better solution is to have a box such as a Pycase Clear which would have also supported boards such as pysense and pytrack. The IP67 Case is still not a suitable choice out of the box. Drilling a round hole for antenna is a good option as indicated by @bucknall . But when it comes to measuring Ambient Light or Humidity, @tobru is right that this box is not a realistic solution for such applications with the lid on.

  • @tanmoy_dutta +1

    Seem also to have 2 "holes" in the lid ?
    Holes for antennas ?

  • I'd be interested to see some pictures too.
    For the PySense I think the IP67 does not make a lot of sense. F.e. most of the time it is dark inside the case so measuring light is some sort of nonsense. Also measuring humidity in a waterproof case is probably not very interesting.

  • @bucknall Thanks for the info, can you perhaps share a picture of the construction for reference ?

  • Hi @tanmoy_dutta,

    We're encouraging people to drill a hole into the IP67 cases as this ensure that there will be a water-tight hole for when the antenna is attached. The diameter of the hole is 6mm, I have a couple of devices in the office that are setup like this!

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