Callback method

  • Hi, I have recently started working with the LoPy. I'm trying to interface the LoPy with an OBD II system via a OBD II Bluetooth LE reader.

    I need to write OBD PIDs to a particular characteristic and then read the data that is sent back. I am able to write to the characteristic. By using a Bluetooth LE sniffer I can see that write is successfully happening and that the BLE reader is sending back the data. My problem is that I am unable to get the LoPy to "hear" the messages that are sent back by the BLE reader.

    In order to receive the messages sent back, I have tried subscribe to the characteristic by using the Callback method.

    desiredChar.callback(trigger = Bluetooth.CHAR_NOTIFY_EVENT, handler = handler_func)

    The handler_func is never triggered. Also, using the BLE sniffer, I saw that the callback method is not sending any packet to the OBD BLE reader.

    I would appreciate any help in figuring this out.

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