Nano gateway code not functioning anymore

  • Hi,

    Last weekend i updated the firmware from 1.6.2 to 1.7.1b. Before my nano gateway was connected and sending data from nodes to the backend. I could see my gateway on the TTNMapper.
    Now, after trying just about all nano-gateway code, i can get the nano-gateway connected but no messages are forwarded to the TTN backend.
    The lora chip of my lopy is working as the OTAA example does function with my regular gateway.
    Can anyone help me with code for the nano gateway that works?

  • Having the same issue. Just getting "Pull hack" "Push hack", but gateway not showing up in TTN. Trying to follow the official tutorial, with no changes.

  • @rm hi bucknall. sorry. with again copying code from github.. now it works.. thank you.

  • @bucknall hi,

    ==========Stop heartbeat==========
    WiFi connected!
    MicroPython v1.8.6-668-gfa26849a on 2017-06-17; LoPy with ESP32
    Type "help()" for more information.
    >>> Push ack
    Push ack
    Push ack
    Pull ack

  • @rm Hmm ok... Does it work when you restart the gateway?

  • @bucknall Hi Bucknall, with terminal i only get pull and push notifications. I dont see any fails. I havent seen the guru meditations some people have posted. Just the packages dont reach the TTN backend. While they first did. Programming it as a OTAA node makes me conclude its not the LoRa chip.
    Can you tell me how what more you want?

  • Hi @rm,

    Thanks for your patience! I've been out of office for the last week and have been catching up with what's been happening since then.

    Can you run your gateway whilst it is connected via serial USB and send me the logs from the gateway please? I'm interested to see where the gateway is failing!

    Thanks again,


  • 5 days with no reply from eighter this forum nor from pycom support. Though 52 people viewed this. Does this mean no-one is using the Nano-gateway anymore?

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