LoPy crashes while running BLE example code

  • Everytime I run the BLE example Code, where my LoPy is supposed to act as a advertising periphal, the LoPy crashes. When I click on "Cancel" in the Atom Pymakr plugin nothing changes and I'm forced to unplug the device in order to access it again. I'm using the newest firmware and you can find the code at the bottom of the side:

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @cylex,

    Could you please update to the latest firmware? Version 1.7.0b1 introduced a number of fixes for the BLE code examples.

    You can check what version of firmware that your device is currently running by using the commands from the REPL

    import os



  • @cylex
    I use a WiPy 2. I use Atom on windows. Various firmware revisions in the WiPy.

    I found that simple code examples for scanning BLE advertisements crashed after a few minutes to a few hours. Fiddling with gc made a difference, not always good, but did not fix it. The thing locks up.

    The cure I found was to scan for 10 seconds. Then when it stops scanning, you can detect that, de-init the module then start it scanning again. That worked very well for 6+ days.

    Yours is a different module and a different application etc... worth a try. Stop the BLE then restart it. Just a guess. Hope it works.

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