Using Ethernet with a pycom device

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm currently facing issues with transfering data between two microcontrollers (one is a lopy/wipy the other an arduino based) which are like 20m away from each other. I would normally use WiFi for this, but it is already occupied. Also bluetooth does not work since the antenna is not strong enough. So I thought about using ethernet for this since it provides stable connections over a long distance. However I did not really find any module which is currently supported by a LoPy or WiPy.

    Do you have any suggestions on what to use? Or do you maybe have a better idea for the data transfering? I would prefer UART, but the distance is just too far...

    Thanks already!

  • @jmarcelino got that ;) i prefer the sparkfun then because I can plug a standard cat5e cable which is widely available. Thanks for your help!

  • @binux
    I think you can find the Waveshare unit in Germany at

    but sure the Sparkfun would work too.

    Don't forget you'll need two - one at each end of the cable :)

  • The RS-485 would be enough for what I do. I have a one way communication. So I looked for an alternative since I couldn't find the wave-share in a german store. Do you think it also works with this sparkfun module?

    SparkFun Transceiver Breakout - RS-485

  • If it's just for the distance perhaps simply connecting the two UARTs using RS-485 adapters is enough. That should give you 1000m range (spec says 1200 meters) over twisted pair.

    An adapter like this (or anything which does TTL-RS485 with 3.3v levels, check Ebay Aliexpress etc) should do the trick.

    If you do need Ethernet then check this thread:

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