Deep Sleep and Low power operation in combination with a state machine

  • Re: C framework for LoPy
    I read the post about a C framework and In my case it is not necessarily a C framework I require but some way to handle deep sleep in a more familiar way.

    I am used to putting a microcontroller in deep sleep and then waking up either with a watchdog or interrupt and when it comes back to life that all the instance variables are still there and that I can continue in a "state machine" way. Unless I am doing something wrong I think that micropython starts up the entire code again and you sort of start from scratch , re-establishing the connections to lora , wifi, initiating variables etc...

    I suppose my question is (1) am I doing something wrong and if NO (2) is there a way to work with the loPy in a more familiar "microcontroller"/"state machine" way whilst taking advantage of very low power?

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