PyForum Planned Maintenance Saturday 8-9 AM CEST

  • Pycom Community,

    We will be working on updating the underlying host and databases of the PyForum, this weekend. We have planned to perform an hour of maintenance between 8am to 9am CEST, on Saturday the 15th of July.

    We apologise for the inconvenience; this is a routine update, ensuring that the forum is running the most recent software version, along with latest security patches.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

    System Admin Pycom.

  • This was completed earlier today, Successfully, I did not notified earlier because I wanted to perform some test benches to the security and new measures implemented.

    Happy Foruming :D

    Cheers Team

  • @ficofer
    Thank you for informing us
    and great to see new(?) face in Pycom team.

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