Pysense Pinouts?

  • The PDF for the Pysense has some description of the pinouts for the External IO Header. But what does the pin PWR_EN do? There is a suggestion it is a control pin. What does that mean?

    The PDF also says "Interrupts EXT_IO0, EXT_IO4 & EXT_IO5 are connected to a PIC and are accessible via Pycom Libraries" . I would like to know how to do that because I have looked in the libraries and I can see no mention of the PIC or the IO pins.

    I like this product a lot but the gaps in the documents make it very difficult and frustrating to use.

    As a further example what are the functions of the "G" pins on the Pysense. If you do a LOT of searching you will eventually find out that the functions of the "G" pins are described in the documents for the Wipy board. See this post "Expansion Board pin numbers vs LoPy pin numbers". How hard would it be to say that in the PDF? Or at least give us some clue?

    In fairness I know there is a lot of work keeping documents up to date but.......

  • I concur. Could you maybe publish the schematics of the pysense? That would already help a lot, also with regard to power management.

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