Pycom Cases - 3D models

  • Do you have STL or OBJ files of your cases? If you do, is there a chance to share with the community?

  • @grantkassell
    put it on github ;-)

  • Oh.. seems I can't attach stl files to the forum it only accepts pictures.

  • Hi, I also wanted a simple box to at least mount the aerials nicely, so I threw together a box for the exansion board and the LoPy last night. Does the job (though need to enlarge the aerial holes by 0.5mm with a 6mm drill). I'm now printing a slightly smaller variant for the pysense an fipy board (though any board on the pysense should fit fine). Both STL files attached, hope this helps.
    3_1514009990345_py1.jpg 2_1514009990345_py2.jpg 1_1514009990345_py3.jpg 0_1514009990345_py4.jpg
    [0_1514009179619_pycom expansion board box.stl](Uploading 100%) [0_1514009184323_pycom pysense board box.stl](Uploading 100%)

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