Power up wipy from raspberry pi 3

  • Maybe is a silly question, but is it possible to connect directly a gpio pin of a raspberry to the wify2 or the pytrack to power it up? I don't want to burn both lol

    raspberry pinout
    as i can see from the pinout, raspberry has 2 5v pins and 2 3.3v. so i shoud use 5v + gnd? or 3.3 + gnd?

  • @bucknall ok, thank you! I had not considered that the pytrack hasn't extra female pins, so i think i'll start with a standard usb connection, because i don't want to have to solder, at least for now.
    I'll have a look at the lopy-raspberry code :D

  • Hi @ozeta,

    I would use the 5V pin + GND but make sure you connect them to the voltage regulator pin (Vin + GND) on then WiPy 2.0 as you can risk damaging the device otherwise.

    If you're looking at communicating between the two devices, you might find this useful!


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