TTN & LoRaWAN does not run smoothly

  • Hi all!
    I know, there are lots of similar topics. This should be more like a field report:

    • I still have some problems with the Nano Gateway. I can see the gateway traffic in the TTN console. TTN receives join requests every 15s, and sends 5s later a join accept back. But this runs for a indefinite period.

    • Also, if the Nano Gateway is running, it stops working after a indefinite periode. Sometimes it simply freezes, sometimes it really crashes with a guru meditation error.

    • The OTAA nodes need allways a indefinite periode to join. Seldom, but sometimes I have only 3-4 Not joined yet messages, but mostly, there are 100+

    • If I use the lora.has_joined, lora.nvram_save and lora.nvram_restore methods, and set the Lopy repeatedly to deep sleep, most of the packets I send, get lost.

    What are the experience of you others?


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