LoRaWAN MAC Battery Level reporting

  • There is a lora.set_battery_level(level) method introduced in latest firmware:


    Unfortunately current implementation is not in line with LoraWAN Specification v1.0.2


    Method is passing values between 0 and 100 to the LoRaWAN server directly which means on server side 39% for level=100, 20% for level=50, there are no way to report battery level 40-100%.

    Default value is 0 which indicates device is running on external source, level=0 doesn't mean 0%. Proper default value would be 255 which by the way can't be reported via this method.

    I advice to allow level=0...255 and use level=255 as default, adding the quoted text from the LoRaWAN specification to the documentation.

  • administrators

    @bmarkus thanks, fixing it now.

  • Sure, I will open an issue at GitHub.

  • administrators

    Hi @bmarkus,

    Thanks for the bug report! Would you mind creating an issue on our GitHub repository for this?



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