DeepSleep Shield & LoPy

  • Hi!
    I have connected DeepSleep Shield and Lopy without! the expansion board and I get 0.500mA in deep sleep.
    Is that OK? How can I get uA?

    import pycom
    import time
    from deepsleep import DeepSleep
    from network import WLAN
    wlan = WLAN()
    ds = DeepSleep()
    for cycles in range(1): # stop after 10 cycles
        pycom.rgbled(0x007f00) # green
        pycom.rgbled(0x7f7f00) # yellow
        pycom.rgbled(0x7f0000) # red
    ds.go_to_sleep(20)  # go to sleep for 20 seconds

    Thank you.

  • Also measuring over 500 uA with a LoPy + deep sleep shield, which is a shocking amount of current.

    To continue using the LoPy, i have had to use a humungus sized battery (6600 mAh) and shorten the life-span of the device.

    Please fix this pycom guys. This has taken far too long!
    I like the LoPy, but if this is not fixed pretty soon i will be forced to switch to a low power arduino alternative.

  • I also have 520 uA (with the DeepSleep Shield and no expansion board) with a Wipy 2.0 (instead of few uA)

  • I am doing power comsumption test with LoPy and Deep-Sleep Shield too.
    The LoPy firmware is 1.8.0.b1 and the DeepSleep library from Github has been modified 3 days ago.

    I am doing the test with a power supply and a tester in series.

    With the expansion board, the device uses around 620 uA.
    Only with Deep-Sleep Shield I am measuring 520 uA.

    Even power down WiFi and Bluetooth, the power comsumption is the same.

    What I am doing wrong?

    On the other hand, power comsumption for Pysense and Pytrack in deep sleep mode are better, around 9 and 17 uA respectively.

  • Noone can answer if the deep-sleep board is using 500uA during sleep? or 10 uA (as described) ?

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