Deep sleep shield conflicts with UART

  • I received the deep sleep shield for my LoPy board and included in my project. Immediately some previous code that used the UART stopped working.
    After some hours i figured out it was due to my code and the deepsleep code using UART, which was unexpected.
    I now have a workaround by redefining the UART every time i need it. But its not ideal.
    Some documentation / guidance how to use the deep sleep shield with UART would be much appreciated.

  • Hi @bucknall,
    My code does this:

    uart = UART(1, baudrate=9600)

    The library does this:

    self.uart = UART(1, baudrate=10000, pins=(COMM_PIN, ))

    I did not expect the deepsleep library to use UART, hence the initial confusion.
    The docs state there are two UARTs on the LoPy but i did not find out how to differentiate the two yet (I'm still new to micropython).

    My current workaround is to re-initialise the UART every time it is used. I will revisit this issue when the following blocking issue is solved:

  • Hi @Robin,

    Could you please explain what exactly the issue you are having is?



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