Pytrack board not detected error when using soft reboot (ctrl-C)

  • I use the LoPy with the PyTrack board. The problem that I have is that with a soft reboot (ctrl-D) the system returns with a line 80 in init with error Pytrack board not detected.

    I already replaced the firmware of the Pytrack, run the latest micopython, so what would be the root cause of this? Rebooting it (restart) let the application run again...

    Any pointers?


  • @ozeta
    friends your problem like your application is not stop run again continuously i mean right in their one solution you have taken one jumper wire put it on your board 3v3 and G28 then orange led is blinking than you remove your jumper wire. here current execute method is stopped ( .

  • I don't know of a fix, but triggering a watchdog reset, or calling machine.reset() will restart your LoPy and it should find the PyTrack when it comes up again.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have the same issue now, does anyone have a solution that helped them? I too have tried resetting the board, updating the firmware and still have the same problem.


  • i've got the same problem, i can't find a solution other than use machine.reset()

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